How to Solve Temporary Ad Serving Limit in AdMob

The best way to resolve How to resolve temporary  admob ad serving  limit in few days , is Frequency capping in each application , follow the steps below to remove the limit :

1 . Open Admob Account  and select your Application from here :

and select your App

2 . Click on Ad units and select your ad unity ( don't select the banner ad ) .

3 . Go to Advanced settings 

and look for Frequency capping and make it enable ,
in "Show no more than " make a number less or equal to 2 , and in " impression per user " make 1 hour .
Click " Save " .

4 . Go to App settings .

5 . Go to Ad serving settings and Enable Frequency capping .

Than make the same settings for Frequency capping in the Ad units
make a number less or equal to 2 , and in " impression per user " make 1 hour .

Click " Save " .
6 . Do the same steps for all your Apps .

7 . the limit will be removed after 3 to 7 day , sometime more than week .

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