The Plugin version compatible with your Gradle version - unity - Android build

The Plugin version compatible with your Gradle version

Knowing how to select The  Plugin version compatible with your Gradle version . how to customize the gradle Plugin version in  inside baseProjectTemplate  in unity for Android build.

In the Grid below for the compatibility between the Plugin version and the  Gradle version :

Plugin version  Gradle version
3.1.0+ 4.4+
3.2.0 3.2.1 4.6+
3.3.0 3.3.2 4.10.1+
3.4.0+ 5.1.1+
4.0.1 6.1.1

 Download the Gradle Files from Here .

To know  the gradle compatible with your Unity Editor version read this Documentation  .

Go to your disc Folder and create a new Folder  " Android Studio Gradle " or Select your preferred Folder :

Copy the file downloaded and past and Extract it in this folder .

Go to Assets > Preferences > External Tools , and select the folder of the gradle 

In Unity Editor go to Assets > PlayerSettings > Player >Publisher , and enable " Custom Base Gradle Template ".

Go to Project and open the file generated  baseProjectTemplate

Now change the value for 

Now you Can build your game 


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